What is the difference between a Last Will and a Living Will?

Last Will is the document wherein you tell the world how you want your property divided after you die.

A Living Will addresses a narrow point in time during your lifetime.

An Advanced Medical Directive is one of the most important documents in your estate plan. It’s your opportunity to leave legally binding instructions for when the end is near.

The most common AMD, and the one that most people have heard of, is the living will. In the event you are terminally ill, that death will occur within a short period of time, and providing medical care will only prolong the dying process, a living will allows you direct that medical care be withheld.

However, it doesn’t apply to things that are provided to keep you comfortable during the dying process. It simply means that if you are terminally ill, extraordinary measures will not be taken if all it will do is force your body to stay alive.