The CDC Eviction Moratorium is back on

Following the status of the eviction moratorium will give you whip lash.

As you may know, the CDC declared a moratorium on residential evictions. It was popularly reported to stop all evictions from people’s homes.

Then landlords developed paths around the prohibition.

Then, the moratorium was then extended through June.

Then, new rules and restrictions were imposed on landlords that were seeking to evict their tenants despite the moratorium.

Then earlier this week, a federal district found the moratorium unconstitutional and seemingly lifted the moratorium nationwide.

And now today,

“A federal judge on Friday ruled a nationwide eviction freeze ordered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control amid the coronavirus pandemic can remain in place while the Justice Department appeals an earlier decision to lift the moratorium, which could put millions of vulnerable renters at risk for losing their homes.”

So, tenants can once again invoke their rights to stop evictions from their homes.