Real Estate Litigation and Transactions


The attorneys at Gregory Varner & Associates are experienced at litigating a wide array of disputes affecting individuals and businesses, including:

  • Boundary line Disputes
  • Quiet Title Actions 
  • Partition Heirs’ Property, and Sales-for-Division
  • Breach of Contract,
  • Appeals
  • Trespass and Encroachment
  • Evictions
  • Foreclosures

Our firm works with clients to initiate proceedings to right a wrong, honor an agreement, settle a dispute or defend clients in lawsuits or other legal proceedings.


The firm also assists persons and businesses involved in real estate transactions. Sometimes a transaction merely needs a deed; however, many times when real estate is sold, it requires a “closing.” 

A real estate closing is when a person finalizes the paperwork to purchase your new home or complete the refinancing arrangement. Once the paperwork is complete, the buyer is the homeowner and responsible for what is contained in every document they have signed, including a commitment to pay the mortgage installments for the entire term of the loan.

At the closing, buyers will sign a variety of documents formalizing their commitment that lay out their rights and responsibilities. The documents cover the arrangements between the buyers and sellers, and the buyers and their lender.

Not only can the lawyers at Gregory Varner & Associates draft and explain these closing documents, this firm is skilled at making this process quick and painless as possible. The firm would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in any real estate transaction in which you are involved. If there is a bank or mortgage company involved, you can let them know you desire to use our firm.