Local Government Law

It is common for county and city governments to struggle to serve the needs of their people. Those government officials must remain knowledgeable of the new and changing laws that impact the operations of the government and the use of public monies. Now, more than ever, government leaders are faced with complex legal issues in wide range of areas. Let’s face it: leading a local government is more complicated than operating a multi-million dollar business.

The attorneys Gregory Varner & Associates is at work to craft policy, draft laws and rules, advise elected and appointed officials, and represent the interests of citizens in court.  Our attorneys have extensive experience when it comes to representing and advising county, cities and local government agencies.  Our experience has demonstrated that, in order to serve the existing and expanding needs of our government clients, it is essential to have the resources of varied and experienced legal talent from a broad range of practice areas. 

Is your local government or agency prepared with counsel?

Our firm are strong advocates for not only the people of Alabama’s counties and cities but also for the governments themselves.

Our firm has experience representing our local governments to help to resolve conflicts and legal matters. When our firm represents a local government as their attorney, we advise a government’s leadership on legal matters that may impact the city or county, give advice on a wide range of legal topics, and communicate complex information in understandable ways.

We provide full-service representation and counsel to county governments, municipalities and local governmental agencies.

Representative Clients:

  • General and trial counsel to Clay County Commission since 2001 and City of Ashland since 2020, wherein provision of counsel and participation in all aspects of the administration of county and city government including budget creation and management and human resources administration.
  • Other prior and current clients on various matters: Sylacauga Public Housing Authority, Clay County Water Authority, Randolph County Industrial Development Council, Randolph County Water Board, Millerville Water Board, Town of Wadley, East Central Alabama Gas District, and Ashland-Goodwater-Lineville Solid Waste Authority.

Potential Areas Of Counsel for a Local Government

Some of the most common areas that government officials face include:

  • Constituents: While government officials want to offer their constituents public justice and great service, that relationship can turn sour sometimes, including those that involve legal matters. These situations can take various forms, including Freedom of Information requests, information protection and privacy, and even civil lawsuits for personal injury. This also means protecting the public’s right to open meetings and abiding by Sunshine Laws.
  • Employees: Employees relationships pose a significant legal risk. Government employees generally operate under different rules that employees of private businesses. Making sure the government agency hires the right people is key, but so too is avoiding issues with discrimination, unlawful termination, salary and overtime laws, and workplace safety.
  • Real Property And Leases: The real estate owned and operated by the government is rife with liabilities and obligations. Issues arising from the Americans with Disabilities Act are common for example. The roadways and public right-of-ways bring a whole another dimension to responsibility.
  • Governmental Finances. A host of laws and statutes surrounding Competitive Bidding and Public Works exist in Alabama. 
  • Executives And Leadership: Elected officials have numerous legal duties. Accountability is a major factor here, particularly where finances are concerned. Upholding ethics and complying with regulations is also important for minimizing exposure to legal liability.