In Divorce Litigation, Don’t Leave Dead fish and fake farts in!

According to reports,

Bill Gross, the billionaire cofounder of PIMCO, allegedly left dead fish and other vile smelling liquids in the Southern California mansion he once shared with his ex-wife Sue Gross, the New York Post first reported Sunday.

Court documents reported by the paper outline how the Los Angeles bond king — who later joined Janus Capital — left the six bed, eight bath home in Laguna Beach “in a state of utter chaos and disrepair” following the couple’s divorce that was settled in October. California’s tax assessor values the home at more than $11 million.

Photos published by the paper from the case show a lineup of foul smelling sprays, including “puke smell” and “fart prank,” that were allegedly used by Bill.

This behavior will kill a case in court. It may feel good while its happening but its devastating for the long-term outcome of the litigation. As I have written before, nobody wins in a divorce

I advise everyone of my divorce or family law clients that they should aim to be the most reasonable person in the courtroom. This makes tactical sense as well as emotional sense.

Leave all drama, spite, vengeance, and pettiness at home!