Family / DHR

Typical Scenario: Some secretive allegation of abuse or neglect (a Child Abuse/Neglect report or CA/N in DHR lingo) is made against an Alabama parent. Typically, the parent is scared and uninformed about their rights when DHR social workers show up. Either expressly or impliedly, DHR social workers threaten to “take” the children “into DHR custody” unless the parent “voluntarily” consents to a safety plan.  Parent reluctantly  agrees to allow the child stay with a grandparent or aunt or other family member. The parent is separated from their child or children and has practically lost custody.

Greg Varner & Associates has special experience and knowledge of cases involving DHR, child protective services, and dependency proceedings. For eight years, Greg prosecuted child abuse and neglect cases for Alabama DHR as an assistant Attorney General for the counties of Clay, Coosa, Randolph, Elmore, and Calhoun. This experience was complemented by Greg having been appointed to hundreds of cases as a Guardian ad Litem for children as well. 

As Greg wrote in DHR Safety Plans: An Illusion of Consent:

To sum it up, get a lawyer when DHR shows up. I can think of scenarios wherein a person charged with some criminal offense might not need to hire a lawyer. I cannot think of any scenario involving your children, allegations of neglect or abuse, and DHR in which I could say the same.

Our firm handles cases involving neglect/abuse proceedings, domestic violence, and termination of parental rights. With a team of experienced attorneys and paralegals, we establish close working relationships with our clients, resulting in strong and effective representation and characterized by empathy, caring, and understanding. If you find yourself facing DHR allegations or family law issues, contact us today at 888-378-0246.