Criminal / DUI Defense

The Russian dissident Alexander Solzhenitzyn wrote:

“Arrest! Need it be said that it is a breaking point in your life, a bolt of lightning which has scored a direct hit on you? That it is an unassimilable spiritual earthquake not every person can cope with, as a result of which people often slip into insanity?

The Universe has as many different centers as there are living beings in it. Each of us is a center of the Universe, and that Universe is shattered when they hiss at you: “You are under arrest.”

If you are arrested, can anything else remain unshattered by this cataclysm?

But the darkened mind is incapable of embracing these dis­placements in our universe, and both the most sophisticated and the veriest simpleton among us, drawing on all life’s experience,
can gasp out only: “Me? What for?” . . .

That’s what arrest is: it’s a blinding flash and a blow which
shifts the present instantly into the past and the impossible into
omnipotent actuality.

That’s all. And neither for the first hour nor for the first day
will you be able to grasp anything else.”

If you are facing criminal charges, you agree with this description. You need someone to help you regain your bearings. You must protect your rights and your freedom and need lawyer with experience in criminal law to assist you.

The attorneys at Gregory Varner & Associates represent clients accused of crimes in district, court, municipal & circuit court. We have tried cases with very poor prospects of success and obtained “not guilty” verdicts. We have successfully negotiated complete dismissals of serious criminal cases and other resolutions which protect their clients’ liberty and dignity. And we have done all things in between those two outcomes. 

Gregory Varner & Associates are experienced criminal defense attorneys with years of trial experience. The attorneys have represented clients charged with everything from Capital Murder to simple Possession of Drugs, from Vehicular Homicide to simple Hunting without a License. They have represented hundreds of clients facing serious state criminal charges and individuals facing accusations of wrongdoing for example Juvenile Delinquency, Probation Violations, Traffic Offenses, Domestic Violence, DUI, Sex offenses, Drug charges, and Property offenses. 

While we cannot promise any results, we do promise:

  1. We will treat you with respect and your case as we would would want someone to handle our own.
  2. We will strive to be accessible, to provide utter forthrightness and candor to make an complicated legal situation understandable so that our client can make informed decisions and feel in control of their lives.
  3. We will fight and advocate with complete zeal for the best result for you and family.

If you find yourself or your family member facing criminal charges or investigation, contact us today at 888-378-0246

And whatever you do, say these words: “I want a lawyer.” Don’t talk to the Police or Investigators without your attorney present. Don’t let your children be questioned either. (By the way, that is what the Police tell their own children.)