Beth Holt

Office Administrator

Beth joined the firm in 2014 as an Office Administrator. She is flexible, adaptable, and has even served in a paralegal capacity, handling numerous probate administration cases over the years. Beth holds a B.S. degree in Church Ministries from Liberty University.

For 16 years, Beth homeschooled her 3 children and has found great joy in serving as a pastor’s wife. Her children are now grown, and she has 2 beautiful grandbabies. When she’s not at the office, Beth also serves as a Church Planting Coordinator and Trip Manager with Engage Missions, working to ensure that a thriving local church exists in every community throughout Tanzania, Africa. For over 30 years, she and her husband have overseen Heavenbound Ministries-Coop Camp, where Beth serves as the Camp Mom, Head Chef, and Camp Manager.

In 2006, Beth authored and published a book, entitled, “It is Well,” which was written as a result of her mother’s journey with brain cancer. This book has been used as a tool to encourage others who are facing similar crises and trauma.