Podcast: Expungement in Alabama

  Attorney Tyler Sims joins the podcast to discuss developments in the law of Expungements in Alabama with host Jacy Fisher.  

Episode 2: Expungements

Attorney Tyler Sims discusses recent developments and revisions to Alabama’s expungement law. Music: Coleta Valley – Stare at the Dark

Mayors in Alabama have Pardon Power

“Here’s why we’re doing this – no one should be held up by a single past mistake. No one should be denied job opportunities or freedoms due to missteps from the past. No longer will these residents be bound to their past. They deserve a chance to be part of our work force, to provide […]

Episode 1: Meet the Founder

Greg Varner, the firm’s founder & senior attorney, talks about his background, vision, & mission for Gregory Varner & Associates, P.C.Podcast Music: “Stare at the Dark” by Luke Holt from Coleta Valley

Do I need an Expungement, or Pardon, or both?

According to news reports, Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin for the second year running promised to pardon those convicted of minor marijuana offenses in the city. Woodfin made the announcement in a tweeted video on April 4, or 4/20 – the widely recognized unofficial holiday for marijuana. . . “Happy 4/20. Today, I’m continuing what I […]

What are your rights when DHR is at your door?

“USA TODAY asked 10 attorneys who represent parents in Florida dependency cases to share insight on parents’ rights and provide general tips on navigating a child protective investigation. While many of their suggestions are state-specific, some apply at the national level.” From their reporting, these were the responses: Number One: Stay Calm! “It’s all about […]

Fences make good neighbors

The location of boundaries between parcels of land is one of the more misunderstood areas of law by the public-at-large.  “BUT MY DEED SAYS. . .!” Many lawsuits (and regularly arrests) began with these words. Your deed does not conclusively determine the location our your boundary line. It is certainly evidence that you own side […]

Joint Physical Custody in Alabama: The Importance of Co-Parenting Following Divorce

A common misconception of physical custody of children following a divorce is that the term “joint physical custody” means that both parents split time with the children 50/50. Oftentimes, a joint physical custody schedule is thought of as a week-on/week-off custody schedule. However, it is important to understand that joint physical custody does not mean […]

Who owns the engagement ring?

In December of 2021, the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals released Hattaway v. Coulter, an opinion concerning engagement rings. Believe it or not, engagement rings are often at the middle of divorce proceedings, and Hattaway goes to show just how important that first word is: engagement. Hattaway and Coulter were involved in a romantic relationship for several years, and towards […]

AL Supreme Court: You can commit adultery even after you file for divorce.

Frequently, clients ask me whether they can date after they have separated from their spouse from their spouse, but before a final divorce order is rendered. The Alabama Supreme Court provided their opinion on the question this week in the case: Jason Tyler Grimmett vs. April Grimmett. In an unanimous decision, the court held Neither […]