Opening the Door

by Phil Fikes, Associate Attorney Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard, State of South Carolina vs. Alex Murdaugh, high-profile cases that have gone to trial in the last year and the whole world was able to tune in. Of course, the two are completely unrelated—one a defamation lawsuit seeking money to recoup the reputational harm done […]

County to receive $150,000 in Opioid class action lawsuit

CLAY COUNTY, AL – At the December 12, 2022 Commission meeting, Accounts Payable Linda Varner gave a report on where they were with the county’s participation in the Opioid class action lawsuit. Linda explained that County Attorney Greg Varner had been working behind the scenes on this class action lawsuit for several years now and […]

REDEEMER ACT and Expungements in Alabama

by Jim Golden, It’s that time of year again- the time where we set goals for our new and improved selves. Whether it’s to exercise more, lose weight, or chart a new course, studies suggest that less than ten percent of us who set New Year’s resolutions are actually successful. In this article, I will […]

Do I Need an Estate Plan If I’m Not Rich? YES!

  We are often asked, “Do I need an estate plan if I’m not rich?” and every time we respond the same way: “Absolutely!” Although most of us have likely never considered it, we all have an estate. Your estate consists of all the things you own- your real and personal property. Your home, vehicle, […]

Episode 3: Adnan Syed & “Brady” Material

In light of Adnan Syed’s recent release from prison, Greg discusses the importance of “Brady” material, the danger of “Brady” violations, & larger, systemic concerns with the rules of criminal procedure & discovery. Podcast Music: Coleta Valley – Stare at the Dark

Podcast: Expungement in Alabama

  Attorney Tyler Sims joins the podcast to discuss developments in the law of Expungements in Alabama with host Jacy Fisher.  

Episode 2: Expungements

Attorney Tyler Sims discusses recent developments and revisions to Alabama’s expungement law. Music: Coleta Valley – Stare at the Dark

Mayors in Alabama have Pardon Power

“Here’s why we’re doing this – no one should be held up by a single past mistake. No one should be denied job opportunities or freedoms due to missteps from the past. No longer will these residents be bound to their past. They deserve a chance to be part of our work force, to provide […]

Episode 1: Meet the Founder

Greg Varner, the firm’s founder & senior attorney, talks about his background, vision, & mission for Gregory Varner & Associates, P.C.Podcast Music: “Stare at the Dark” by Luke Holt from Coleta Valley